Flora of the Chicago Region Offer

Flora of the Chicago Region, A Floristic and Ecological Synthesis, by Gerould Wilhelm and Laura Rericha has been in preparation for 15 years.  Now incorporating insect associations, illustrations, and species descriptions, this complete revision of Plants of the Chicago Region is sure to be a valuable resource to botanists, ecologists, and nature enthusiasts alike.

As a sponsor of the book, the Illinois Native Plant Society is pleased to offer a limited number of books for sale at 28% off of retail price of $125.  This is the lowest price available and will only be available as long as supply lasts.  Books can be picked up from one of five pick-up locations, and more may be added depending on demand.  Additional pick-up details will be sent in the spring.

Flora of the Chicago Region Orders

  • Books will be available for pick-up at these locations soon after publication (expected in mid-April). Please select your preferred location.
  • Price: $90.00 Quantity:
    Price is 28% off of retail price of $125. Limited quantity, available only while supply lasts. ***We are closely monitoring our supply, but it is possible that we will oversell because of our inability to automatically limit the number of books that can be sold. We will issue refunds to anyone whose order we cannot fill.***
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