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Please join us for our monthly central chapter INPS meetings
All Are Welcome! –
Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at Adams Wildlife in Springfield
See the schedule here for current information

PBS Illinois Stories: INPS Central Chapter 2016 Plant Sale
Produced & Hosted by Mark McDonald


Mark McDonald Speaking About The Making of Illinois Stories Show
Presentation at March 2017 Central Chapter INPS Meeting


Looking Back 200 Years: The New Holland Prairie Patch
Presentation by Jim Struebing


Long-term Trends in Midwestern Milkweeds and Their Relevence for Monarchs
Presentation by Greg Spyreas



Plants of Coastal Alaska
Presentation by Lois Fox on November 10, 2016.


Money DOES Grow on Trees
Presentation by Barb Grabner-Kerns of Trees Forever on September 8, 2016.


Hot Topics in Horticulture
Presentation by Abby Dillon on August 11, 2016.


Managing Oak Wilt
Presentation by Guy Sternberg on June 9, 2016.


Plants, Megafuna & Ecosystems: Beyond the Just-So Story
Presentation by Dr. Chris Widga on May 12, 2016.


Butterflys & Moths of Illinois
Presentation by Susan Dees Hargrove on March 10, 2016.


Grow Native! Promoting the Power of Native Plants
Presentation by Bill Ruppert on February 11, 2016.


Think Like a Tree
Presentation by Guy Sternberg on December 10,2015.


Control of Amur Honeysuckle
Presentation by Andrew DiAllesandro on November 12, 2015.


Ecology of Native Bees
Presentation by Angela Moorhouse October 8, 2015.


Emerald Ash Borer Update
Presentation by Guy Sternberg, Starhill Forest Arboretum, September 10, 2015.


Natives: Back to the Future
Presentation by Kim Lovelace-Young of Forest Keeling August 13, 2015.


Forest ReLeaf
Presentation by Michael Walsh at Central INPS Meeting July 9, 2015.


Compiling the Global Red List of Threatened Oaks
Presentation by Dr. Murphy Westwood at Central INPS Meeting June 11, 2015.


Rare Plants & Unique Natural Areas in Illinois
Presentation by Chris Benda at Central INPS Meeting May 14, 2015.


Intro to Botanical Latin presented by Steven R. Hill
at the Central Chapter INPS Meeting March 12, 2015.


IL Audubon Land Protection Update presented by Tom Clay
at the Central Chapter INPS Meeting February 12, 2015.


Paintings of Kevin Veara presented
at the Central Chapter INPS meeting December 11, 2014.


Presentation by Michael Jeffords, Susan Post & Jim Wiker
at the Central Chapter INPS meeting November 13, 2014.


Presented by Janie Mandel at the Central Chapter INPS meeting October 9, 2014.