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Thank you very much for your generous support of our 2016 INPS Plant Sale. Mark your calendars now, our annual plant sale is April 29, 2017 from 9:00AM until 2:00PM at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Commodities Pavilion, across from the Grandstand!

The plant list for the 2017 sale is now available! More than 280 species will be available at this year’s sale, certainly a record for our group. Use this document to make your shopping list for saleplant_thumb_medium175_0 day. On the day of the sale, plants are divided by herbaceous vs. woody and organized alphabetically by scientific name just like the list you see here. Questions about a plant before sale day? Ask on the sale Facebook page.

Please note that numbers of each species are limited! Most are grown and donated by members of INPS.

2017 Plant Sale List

(Updated 4/28/17)

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What is special about these native plants we sell to our community? Most of them are lovingly grown and nurtured so when they come home with you, they have healthy root and foliage growth and when planted immediately, may successfully flourish and provide years of enjoyment to your home.

Many of our plants have local provenance, meaning the plants contain indigenous genetic variation. They have been grown and sourced in Central Illinois which makes them naturally adapted to local environmental conditions. When added into our yards, they enrich biodiversity and in turn enhance the quality of our environment to the benefit of our health and spirit.

Purchasing these plants invests in you – Our Community! This event is our primary fundraiser of the year, it provides funds for the grants we award to individuals and groups that are creating special landscapes with native plants, as well as organizations working to preserve native habitats in central Illinois. Thousands of dollars seed worthwhile projects each year so Thank You for your generous support of our plant sale and visit the Grant Program information on our website to learn more.